questions about blueprint networking


i have started learning network multilayer implementation on ue4. i started watching official tutorials on youtube but there will be a lot of questions there.

first one is there is a “authority remote” node in blueprint that checks if something has happened on a client or on server and after that lets that happen. but what if i want to differ something on diffrent clients.
how can i make that? for example more than just 2 players that one is server and one is client.

next question is in blueprint implementation we dont care so much about diffrent players and we just implement behavior for one character that is just one actor and in multiplayer every client or server just takes controll of a copy of that actor and changes in games just applies to copy of that actor but what about costomizations in coding or blueprint.
what if we want every player have a diffrent character model.

in tutorials in engine server and client window opened in a same computer which means i think server and client are running on a same machine but how can make clients rn on other machines.

i think if i want to learn a complete process of multiplayer implementation its better to explore fps shooter example project but the version of ue4 i got has no sample project. i think it should be in open projects when first time we open ue4 and in market places in fornt of its name just is written"coming soon".

thank you for helping.

really there is no answer for my questions? why? can i know why for engines like game maker or unity when you want to work for a feature every one can help you and there are alot of tutorials for it but in udk and ue4 its all diffrent.

even ue4 developers know that the networking tutorials they made is too basic and no one can make a project on it. even in udk for features like intercations wasnt much usefull tutoirals there and everyone in udk had to say read utgame scripts but it was so much complicated.

i think ue3 and ue4 are just suitable for big teams and blockbuster games and for indie developers its easier to work on simpeler engines. even you look there there is not much udk powered indie game there.

The interaction between Epic devs and their community shames the likes of Cryengine and such, IMHO. If your question didn’t get immediately answered, try posting on the Answerhub. Sometimes stuff gets nudged out of the way here and people miss things.

please do a bit of search on this forum/wiki/answerhub.
So far what I know exiting threads/wiki/anser already covered:

  1. multiplayer movement replication(stock and roll your own in Tom’s thread)
  2. multiplayer respawn( I wrote a wiki)
  3. multiplayer ready inventory system( in the inventory thread )
  4. multiple pawn(RTS) proxy controller( as a work around, Epic will patch it. )
  5. relevancy of persistent level objects( youtube videos )

And please be more specific about the question, because “differ something on different clients” can mean a crazy range of things.
UE4 is more than capable of doing 1 server 1 client, in Tom’s thread, he tested with 4 clients and one dedicated server, all without touching C++.

blueprint inherit is already discussed in detail, I won’t explain again here.

you can always download from market place for the shooter project, but that is a C++ code project, not a blueprint based ones.
(I think someone tried to roll one from pure blueprint, but I can’t be sure.)

let me ask my question more generall.

i wanted to make my project on unity but i found ue4 supports android and ios too and its easier to work because a lot of things is possible through blueprint but as i know many things still is not well documented like multiplayer and networking and there is just fps game sample to learn. is it easy to understand it or its something like ut sample classes in udk?

i have no problem with coding but i need a straight way. thank you

Hi virtouso,

Have you had a look at our networking video tutorials? They may be of some help! A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

yes mr davis and i appreciate it so much but everyone can say they are just introductions and you cant base your project on it and there should be a lot more to say.

can i ask you a question? i think the documetation that your company gives to your licensee partners like rocksteady or irrationals games is much diffrent.
so many udk users had to explore on it(specialy on unrealscript) and still there was a lot of unknown and secrets there and i think its happening on ue4 too and if this will not going to change i think everyone will say its not suitable for us(us refers to indie developers with less about 10 people)

While I can’t speak for anyone working at Epic, the documentation and support they provide is different because the licensees pay substantially more than subscribers do. I’m a single developer handling programming, art, animation, level design, ui - everything, and UE4 has been nothing short of stellar, and the support has gone above and beyond what I ever would have expected, from both the community and the developers and staff at Epic.

This is a new engine, and everyone is figuring this out as we go; there is a lot of freedom that comes with the source code Epic provides - you can change things how you see fit, integrate third party middleware, etc… if you don’t like how something works, they give you the power to change it. I highly doubt the documentation they give to custom licensees has step-by-step MMO directions, but more than likely delves into greater technical details so that programmers can better make use of features already integrated into the engine, or have a lower-level understanding of how the engine works as a whole.

If you want to make dramas, not games - I think you chose wrong direction for complaining, because it obvious for anyone who longer on this forum than week that Epic devs trying to help everyone and everywhere with anything they can. I’ve never seen such level of software support ever in my life. And they provide manuals, weekly/be-weekly video-tutorials, written tutorials, game templates, game examples, articles about some nifty features and I think everyone will say it is suitable for indies with less about 10 people.
If you want to make a good drama - say that some feature from CryEngine is missing in UE4 and this is CRUCIAL for you project why it still not in UE4 every engine has this feature and so on
But if you want to make a game - stop complaining nonsense, read PenguinTD post one more time and study the resources he has mentioned, and then try to ask more specific question

Now about your experience with fps shooter example

I’m not sure, but seems like you should update your UE4 launcher, not game engine itself

Also, check out this thread New Blueprint Networking Tutorial Videos Posted - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
As you can see, if you ask correctly - you will get info you want about network :stuck_out_tongue:

well. i think i didnt say well what i meant. im agree with that epic employees respond very well to all users and answers to their problems.

@zeorb i dont remember that i mentioned cryengine as better engine or didnt say crytech gives better services and i believe greatest games we all played mostly was based on unreal and cryengine is just about graphics and even best games made by it like crysis or farcry is a disaster in other systems like ai. i meant compeletly something else.

as an engine that so many aaa games made by it we like to make our by unrealengine but i mean basically it is not designed for little teams.

it has a lot of tools and learning it needs a lot of time i say despite other engines like unity or game maker that are much more simple, ue needs study specially in coding and scripting.

i think its a little like diffrence of directx and opengl. in opengl you just need to know functions but in directx you need to move through structures because it wants to give programers more options.

i worked on udk last generation on udk and i remeber main refrence to learn unrealscript was ut classes but it was more than 200,000 line of code and it was very hard to understand and you had to base your guns or other object systems on it and you couldnt make yours basically.

i just say as bigger engine and more complicated engine it need more tutorials to make good stuff on it. i didnt want to disrespect ue or epic at all. maybe its better to give more time because its not a long time that ue4 is out.