Questions about Apex PhysX

Hello, I have made a destructable mesh in PhysX Lab, it works fine in ue4.

The Questions:
1: How do I know its running Gpu Accelerated Physx and not on the cpu, or do I need to compile a build to make it run on the gpu?(its running slow)
2: How do I make it not disappear when destroying other destructables .
3: How do I make it so it only destroys where i shoot it with a gun (like this YouTube video ) Fixed

My Pc Specs (so you know it’s not my pc that is bad)
CPU: I7 3930K
GPU: GTX 780
RAM: 16GB 1600Mhz
C drive(where ue4 is installed): samsung evo 120GB SSD

Okay, i fixed number 3, i just needed to set
Support Depth :2 (because i have 2 depth layers).
Damage Threshold :20.
**Damage Spread **:1.

Now i just have two more problems.

4: When i shoot my destructable its like it gets alot of force applyed so it flys away, (sim physx is disabled)
5: when i shoot it the debris flys like there have been an explosion


I saw your thread and how you dealt with breaking only selected parts of the mesh. Could you please tell me, cause I can’t find it anywhere - how do you define more than 1 depth of the destructible mesh?
The import button or the ‘fracture mesh’ button only allow to define the first depth level.


We do not currently support GPU acceleration for destruction.

when you have imported the destructible you choose it in the asset browser, press CTRL+E and then its in that menu, i cant say wer it is becuase im currently not home. ill try to make a quick tutorial when i get home

okay, but are you gonna support it at some time. ?

We are still in discussions with NVIDIA about how to support GPU features in a cross-platform way. APEX Destruction itself doesn’t actually have GPU support, but could potentially spawn ‘GPU rigid bodies’ for the very small pieces.

that would be really nice, its running i bit slow right now, hehe, Thanks for clearing this :smiley:

Hey James,quick question.
Say I have a PhysX scene with joints and other stuff,what happens if I export this to mobile ? How UE4 deals with cross platform PhysX or is it possible?

PhysX works just fine on mobile, we just don’t support APEX (that is Clothing and Destruction) on mobile at the moment.

Is destruction on mobile planned anytime soon? I am making a ‘Smash Hit’ style game and just found out that although everything works perfectly in the mobile preview on my desktop, transferring it to an actual Kindle Fire HDX is disappointing. Tegra K1 can’t come soon enough lol

Edit: I guess this has already been answered. (still wishing for soon)

We may do, I’m afraid we haven’t had a chance to try it yet and see if we run into any problems.

Hi BallisticDK. Congratulations for your job.

1- Can you show us how were your BP?

2- How did you learn to work with APEX in EU4?

How you did it ?

Hello Ballistic, Can you plz tell us how you did it? or plz if you have the tutorial you said it would be perfect, thank you!

Hi Aeau,

I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve or what kind of tutorial you’re wanting exactly.

If you’re making a destructible mesh in UE4 you can only have 1 destruction depth. For example, Depth 0 is not destroyed and Depth 1 is destroyed

If you want to make more than one depth layer you will need to use Nvidias PhysX Labs that can downloaded from their site. They also have tutorials that walk you through using their software to setup some cool destruction meshes! Tutorial can be found here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:


What file does one use for PhysX? Do I have to compile it? Can it accomplished with WDExpress? Does is work with UE4?

Apologies for the late reply on this.

PhsyX uses .apb and .apx when exported from the PhysXLabs application.

There shouldn’t be any need for compile that I’m aware of. It’s just like importing an FBX or OBJ file.

Not sure what needs to be done with WDExpress. I know it’s an extension or some part of Visual Studio from what I’ve looked up. As far as I know there should be no need for it.


Tim, yes I understand importing the FBX file. The question is how do I create the FBX with PhysXLabs. PhysXLabs app???

It doesn’t create an FBX. It will create an .APB file. This is done with the PhysXLabs plugin for Max/Maya or the standalone app.

So one has to have Max or Maya. Is there any other way?