Questions about Alan Willards Water Surface coming soon

I see that its not released yet and I’m wondering if someone at Epic or Alan reads this can you extend the water to work for double sided viewing so its possible to go underneath the water? I noticed in the Water Surface Overview in UE4 video on Epics youtube & the twitch stream, it disappears when you go below it, I know many people like myself are going to have the ability to swim in and under the water in their project

Also is it possible to get as good looking results on the surface as the water in this video? At first glance this seems really amazing, but then looking closer it doesnt seem to be much more elaborate than the great work Alan has done which is customizable

And for underwater effects could you think about including post processing effects like in the video?

Watch at 1 minute 23 sec

(Created in blender game engine)

Any ETA? I really hope its coming soon! Sry I cant wait

Hi CyberDev,

Thanks for your patience - it’s available for download now!

Where? Marketplace? I didn’t see it there.

EDIT: Under Learn!

If you go to the Learn tab > Engine Feature Samples > second from the left listed as Water Planes and tagged “New.” :slight_smile:

Is there any way to make the water view-able from both sides so I can see it when I swim underneath?

Open up the material and in the details panel enable “Two-Sided”, then apply/save the material. The mesh plane is already set to double sided geometry so this is the only change required.

The translucent material uses some custom calculations that may not work properly when viewed from below (haven’t tested it), but both of the opaque materials should work just fine with this setting turned on. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I wish I could use two sided on the translucent water though, any possible way?

on the translucent material, i wanted to have emissive textures displaying under the water, I swapped the sceneTexture:baseColor to a sceneColor node and plug it in it works but the depth is picking up the shadows which makes it look a little weird.
Is it possible to use the unlit mode or something devoid of shadows?

Looks great but I wonder how to add buoyancy like for a boat to that.

PS: will the Linux shader model be updated soon?

SICK video … Blender FTW

Could anyone help me out with turning on collision in the translucent water blueprint?

Click on the water plane mesh in the component tab of the blueprint - in the details panel under collision you will have to set it to “block all”/block all dynamic :slight_smile:

anyone know how to make the translucent blueprint visible “underwater”? I have tried making everything double sided, but nothing seems to work - would be great, as the translucent is the most useful for non-sea scenarios and would be good to be able to go under and swim. Anyone know how, or where to start?