[Question] z170 or x99 for ue4 development

So i’ll be building a pc soon, but can’t decide wethernz170 chipset or x99. For z170 ill be going with 6700 i7 and x99 5930k.

All i’ll do on this pc is basically ue4 development (low quality and 4k resolution quality), playing games and possibly using lumion 3d on a on nd off basis.

You’ll likely be able to squeeze more power from a 5930k, so I’d go for that.

Are you saying that anything under 4k is low quality? xD

No just meant low quality as in mobile quality xd

The 5930k is a lot more expensive so it obviously is more powerful. If you want to pay more money and get more power, get the 5930k.

The real question to ask would be between i7 6700k and i7 5820k. They are same price and the 5820k is better, while x99 mainboards are also more expensive.

Lol, that doesn’t always apply :stuck_out_tongue: