[Question] World Origin Shifting, Performace Impact and Multiplayer

Hey Epic,

Forgive me if this already has been asked but is there any plans to make World Origin Shifting Multiplayer Compatible LAN / Split Screen based multiplayer?

From the UE4 Wiki -

Here is my case so that it is a bit more clear.

I am currently making a game that is meant to be played over via LAN / Splitscreen. I am targeting SteamOS / Steam Machines and Windows powered Home Theater PCs
So would Shifting world origin still work in my case? Or no?
Also what would be the performance impact be on my game if I used Shifting World Origin.

I am asking as this is not covered explicitly by the documentation.

Thank you for your time,


I’m not sure about the performance impact in general, but I do know that you just simply can not use world origin shifting in multiplayer games. the fact that you only want LAN and spliscreen play doesn’t make your case any different