Question with EQS

I just started learning UE4’s AI system and in particular the EQS system. I followed the official UE4 tutorial and started on setting up a FindHidingSpot query.

The query works fine for the most part but when I chase my AI to a corner and slowly creep up on him from the back. He seems to get “stuck” on its current node. Based on my query filter rules, the node that the AI is standing should be filtered by the trace visible filter and be removed.

In the 1st screenshot, the EQS nodes filtering work as expected. From player’s POV, the nodes that player can see are culled/filtered, the nodes that fail trace to player and marked green as potential nodes for further scoring.

In the 2nd screenshot, the bug occurs, when the player corners the AI, the EQS filters doesn’t filter and remove the node that the AI is standing on. That node is clearly visible by player and should be culled away.

I have also attached my EQS setup, my visible trace is set to filter only

Appreciate any help on this weird bug, I have been stuck on this for ages.