[Question] Whats the name of this tool?

Hi all,

Since yesterday, i have been loooking for a tool that has been on unreal since last year, it lets you to browse the web within the game, i think they sell this for $129.99 or something like that… can you please help me… Thanks!!!

You might be thinking of CoherentUI (

Alternatively, if you need web access in your project, Epic has incorporated CEF (The Chromium Embedded Framework) into the Engine now, so you can give that a try as well.

UMG Has a web-browser widget already included, I think it’s experimental though.


Check out the 30 day free trial of Coherent UI.
Coherent is a full GUI solution. The in-game browser is just one of the awesome features. You can also visit our Tutorials page to get easily started and see what else you can do with Coherent UI:

Thanks alot for the reply… ill check them all on my free time!!