Question - What are you looking for in a UI element set?

We are wondering what everyone is looking for when it comes to UI element sets? Or if you prefer to make them yourselves?

-Color selections premade or the ability to change the color scheme at will?
-Packaged premade set or premade base set packaged with original editable files for expanding and altering included?
-Preassembled menu items and HUD elements for quick prototyping or lump pools of assets to arrange and assemble as you see fit or both?
-Generic styles or form fit styles (like premade for RPG, RTS or FPS etc)?
-Dozens of reusable elements or a few fixed-use elements (like buttons that only look good as buttons or elements that could double or triple as something else)?

Let us know. Thanks

  • RPG / Fantasy based 3D widgets (VR)
  • Controllable via controller
  • Visual / Aesthetic Customizability
  • Various transition events from one menu to the next