[QUESTION] Weapon magazine

I have question related with reloading weapon. I using Shooter Game Example where weapon model and player model are separated.
There is place where I can put reload animation but how about magazine animation ?
Since I have separated weapona magazine animation and player hands reload animation.
Is there a way to achieve something like that ? Or maybe just play weapon magazine animation by pressing “R” button ?

I’m pretty sure (not absolutely) that the UE4 character just grabs the magazine that’s in the gun - pulls it out of sight - then puts it back. He never actually grabs a ‘new’ magazine and the only thing that changes is the ammo count and whether or not the magazine follows his hand. That having been said you can map your animation to any key or set it to run when your ammo count hits zero.

Tried to work on it but no luck. After Blueprinting when I was pressing “R” key only hands animated reloading sequence. Magazine in weapon was in same place (I have for each thing different bone + of course animation)

You probably need to attach it to the hand once the hand touches it then take it off it once you are through. Look up the Third Person video series on how to create events within an animation and use that to start.

Still can’t figure it out. Anyone solved this ?

Usually on shooters, first person hands, and first person weapons are separated (thirds too) so you have the arms reload animation and the weapon reload animation.

All you have to do is play both of them when the relocad time comes (for example pressing “R”)

The ammo clip is always on the first person weapon model, rigged, but its on an angle where the camera can´t see it.

So if your hands and weapon anims are well synched you will see all play on armony.