[Question] Vehicle gear shifting

Hi, I tried to shift gears on a vehicle but it seams that the engine is forcing them back to 1.
Is this the “desired” behavior since the vehicle system is being heavily modified from UE3 and its not fully implemented, or a I missing something?
I have tried both Set Gear Down/Up and Set Target Gear blueprint nodes.


Hi Hugo,

Thanks for providing the information. I have done some research and unfortunately determined that the ability to set gears is not yet functional for this class. I have reported this issue so that we can track its progress.

My only recommendation at this time is that you may want to take a look at the vehicle in the VehicleGame sample to see one approach to getting a functional vehicle. Although I do believe that the vehicle is not entirely implemented in blueprints and may require looking through some code.


Ok then, will do that!

Thank you.

Hi Hugo,

Could you please post a screenshot that shows how you are setting the gear in the Blueprint?


Sure. I have tried to do it in various ways, using the Set Gear Up/Down or by setting the desired Target Gear.
I have also tried both New Gear Down/Up and Immediate check boxes.




Shifting gears manually still isn’t working in UE4.3. The default behavior for vehicles when stopping them is to run in reverse when brakes are applied and holding the key/axis assigned to brakes down. I want the vehicle to stop when the speed is 0 MPH and I shift the transmission from Drive to Reverse.


This is a question from the beta version of the engine. We are marking this answered for tracking purposes. If you are experiencing an issue similar to this please post a new question.

Thank you.