Question to EPIC's ios department Stuff -- > any plan to fix ios provisional certificate issue?

**So many threads about the same issue . but still fully unsolved(or partially solved for some lucky guys) **

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from those thread it seems the issue exist since 4.13 and yet not solved in 4.15.
most probably the luckiest guys are those who are facing the error only with TVOS.
For all of them ios distribution packaging is working fine.
but my company is in the unlucky category.
ios/tvos nothing is working .

can anybody from ios department care to answer about the issue?

[COLOR="#FF8C00"][FONT=Arial Black]i hope you guys not considering it only as a tvos problem.[/COLOR]

finally i found out the solution from this thread:

and ended up modifying IPhonePackager.exe

basically i am forcing it to always use distribution profile.

Config.bForDistribution = true;

in case if anybody dont want to open code editor then can try my exe.
uploaded here:

as epic is using mono framework so that exe will work both in windows and mac.

You are the hero we need.