Question to confident Blender users who also familiar with 3dsMax or Maya

[FONT=Arial Black]Disclaimer: this thread is not for holy war between software fans. If you want to discuss what better - create your own thread for holy war :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m using 3ds Max for modeling, rigging and scene arrangement, but I think Blender evolving at a good pace + Epic fund them. So I decide to take a look!
I want to expand my “toolkit” and not to swap from max to blender!
What tools or tricks have Blender that 3ds Max or Maya does not have, that I definitely should play with?

I can not tell you what Blender makes better then 3dsmax.
What i really like at Blender is for example those nice Addons like saptree or makehuman, where you can generate characters in seconds(rigged).
What i like inside Blender is the Painting Part and claything.
Blender gets with every version better and supports UE4 well.
Its opensource and free(thats the best).
Some Years ago i had 3dsmax at my side but i had no money to renew license (update/upgrade) and i needed to change the software. The UI in Blender changed in a much better way, since then, but that was hard to understand.
I feel that its important to know a book full of shortcuts to really speed things up in Blender. With 3dsmax i used not so many, was more mouseusing.
Greetings Stefan