[Question] "Tightrope balancing" animation?

Hey fellas!

I’m stumped. I’m working on an infinite runner game with some friends. In our game, you also have to balance yourself - lean too far for too long and you’ll fall!

So I’m trying to get the animations going but I’m really stuck. I need the character animation to change according to its lean and according to the rotation of the pole it’s holding to balance itself. I feel like a 2D Blendspace is the way to go, but it feels very finicky too (Having to make sure the position of the hands match the pole perfectly).

Is a 2D blendspace of lean/pole rotation my only option, or is there something more dynamic that can work? (I thought Sockets could do the trick, making 2 sockets on the pole and one on each hand, so that the hands move with the rotation of the pole, but I wasn’t able to pull that off)
Thank you for your help guys! :smiley: