[Question] The height of my VR character is off (using quest 2), how can i fix it?

Hello, so, this is the config I am using for my VR Character, taken from an Unreal course i’ve taken a while ago.

  • I have a C++ class called “VRCharacter”, which extends class Character.
  • Then, I made a BP Class called “BP_VRCharacter”, which extends our VRCharacter
  • Then I made a gamemode which uses BP_VRCharacter as Default Pawn Class, and set to use said gamemode on the level.
  • Then, programatically, i’ve created some components onto our VRCharacter actor on its contructor: a VRRoot scene component inside VRCharacter root, and a CameraComponent inside VRRoot.
  • Then, on beginPlay of the VRCharacter, I spawn and attach both hand controllers, but this may be irrelevant?.

Inspecting the BP_VRCharacter, the config looks like this:

So, with this, the height of view I am getting when using my quest 2 is way below than it should be. About 1m or more, like at knee level.

I’ve noticed that I may use UHeadMountedDisplayFunctionLibrary::SetTrackingOrigin with floor origin, and that way, it changed the view height about 1 meter taller than it should be, and at eye origin, it goes back to knee level. (I have some reference meshes with human heights to check this).

So my question is, how can i fix this to have the proper height? The collision of the floor mesh matches the mesh, so it’s not a problem of misplaced collisions. Also, with Unreal’s config for Vr Character (on the vr template) the height is accurate.



I’m really not sure if this helps, but the Default VR Character (BP_MotionController, UE 4.25) has no Capsule Collision Component. Your VR Root is parented onto that Capsule, and therefore could lead to some unwanted behaviour?