[Question] Tamed Dino Egg Chance

After today’s update I noticed that there was a change to the way that the egg mechanic works, in that tamed dinosaurs now have the ability to spawn eggs without any correlation to stasis. After about 45 minutes of searching through the dev kit I was unable to find where the values for this new system are set. I am currently working on a mod that has already made changes to the egg mechanics and will need to potentially work with these values as well. If anybody has any insight into where I may find this it would be greatly appreciated.

No idea, prob in code but it’s working
How to test it? → Drag a bunch of character_bp (that can lay egg) to your test map, change the egg change from 0.01 to 1, change cooldown from 120 to 1 → see egg rain

LMAO!!! so it looks like the egg chance is attached to the “egg unstasis chance” value.

Wonder if anyone can show me how to grab the “Mated” status? , try to modify the dino so that it can only lay egg if mated status is present (instead of single lady lolz)

This would likely involve adding a new blueprint in to check to see if the mated status is in effect, if (if statement, so we branch) true, then egg is possible to be laid if true condition is met. No clue as to where this would be done though, I’m assuming it would have to be on the dino’s BP though.