[Question] Switch Board & Multiuser : 'Session can't create ,No session repository was mounted to store it'

hello gays!!
when i use switch board to launch Unreal instance remote,

it report me: Falied to create session ‘MySession’ , Session ‘MySession’ can’t create ,No session repository was mounted to store it

But i had created ‘MeSession’ also, so why it join the session Failed

so how to join “MySession”?

I realise that this probably will not help you. But you just fixed the issue for me /close take recorder

Thanks for your reply!!! i’m forget i how to deal with it,But it works.

If Multiuser begins complaining about not being able to mount a repository, try deleting: Engine\Programs\UnrealMultiUserServer\Saved\MultiUser


In Unreal version 4.26, I can confirm that this worked. I deleted the Repositories.json file in the MultiUser folder, then I could create a new session.


In my case, I couldn’t find the Saved Under \Engine\Programs\UnrealMultiUserServer\. However, deleting MultiUser under \Engine\Programs\UnrealMultiUserSlateServer\Saved fixed the issue.