[Question] Submission guidelines - Textures/materials

to quote from the guideline page:

Imho that doesnt make much sense? (correct me if I am wring though).

Example: a 4k/4k texture on a 1m/1m tile, or a 512/512 texture on a 1m/1m tile is a huge difference.
I personally prefer to have a bigger texture, i.e. a 4k/4k texture that has more variation and place it over 4 to 8 meters.
So I find this “rule” a bit too exact for all the variations that can take place.

I think it’s more about texture density(UV of mesh) and not about textures itself.
This custom mesh have same texture density as BSP geometry and Epic models, so you can simply drag’n’drop any material that meets epic requirements without any hustle and resizing

zeOrb is right.

This rule is aimed at meshes that naturally support user-placed materials. The goal is that materials dropped onto these meshes are all scaled consistently with each other, and with BSP Geometry in the world. The standard here is one texture tile (e.g. UV coordinates ranging from 0.0 to 1.0) over 1m of distance.

For a static mesh that is UV-unwrapped with a custom material that isn’t intended to be replaced, you can disregard this requirement.

Hey thanks.

But I think it would be helpful (for everyone!), to set some well, not rigid but desired guide lines for texel density.
The current 1 tile per metter, is very arbitrary unit of measurement. 1 tile can be everything from 1 pixel to 4k texture.

It would nice to know if we should stick to something like for example:

  1. 512px / 1m
  2. For texture in 0-1 space, without applied tiling.
  3. For LOD0.

That being said, not all assets need this kind of density and not all will benefit from it. So p2, could be probably only applied to objects which are not using tillable textures.
This would help even more to keep consistent, visual fidelity across various assets from store. Right know there can be anything from 128px /1m to 1024px / 1m, and when mixed togather it won’t look nearly as good as it should, when texel density would consistent (even is small).