[Question] Sizing 3D models correctly

Hey, I have just recently started to actually use Unreal Engine and I was wondering something. How would I create 3D models to the correct scale/size (in blender). All I know of so far is to import the Mannequin and base the models off the size of that. If I wanted to create a character model with an accurate height, would I just have to import the Mannequin and use that to model? Is there a proper unit scale in Blender for Unreal?

Thanks in advance!

Whats the blender default unit system?
In any somewhat good 3d app it should be cm (as it is with ue4). So in that case our ue4 mannequin is 180 units tall. If you want that for blender, just make sure the unit system is cm, then make your objects x units tall which will be equivalent to their height in cm.
Its so simple…

You can also export the mannequin from UE4: Content Browser → the mannequin mesh—> Right Click—> Asset Actions—>Export (FBX, OBJ) :wink: 180cm tall as mentionned