[Question] Set focus to text box without showing cursor

from player controller u can set ShowMouseCursor to false to hide mouse cursor, for the focus in my game i do the same thing, in my case i set input mode to UI Only

I have a simple multiplayer chat window that works just fine. I press T to bring up the window and start typing because I set the user focus to the text box on creation. Is there a way to have it so the mouse cursor doesn’t appear when its focused? I have checked the UMG widget and made sure that there wasn’t any cursor selected under Behavior. Any combination of input mode and keyboard focus either results in the cursor being visible or the text box not being selected.

The widget itself is created in BeginPlay. It is just added and removed from the viewport with OpenChatWindow and CloseChatWindow functions.

I have also tried that. Sorry should have mentioned it. That exec line coming out of the SetInput node goes to show cursor false. I’ve also put show cursor false on Tick just to test and it’s getting overridden somewhere. The reason I have game and UI is because I still want the camera to move with the mouse. Shootergame has this working to an extent, the cursor flickers a bit but is generally not visible.

Set keyboard Fucos what u looking for … make an Event on that widget and call Set Keyboard Fucos to TestBox and call it when Press key without show mouse Cros
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