Question: "Sending source code to online freelancers".

Hey guys,

I’m new to games development and just have a quick question. I’ve bought a marketplace item and used that as the framework for my game. If I am to hire an online freelancer and send him my source files, which includes the marketplace item (blueprints, animations), is that fine to do? To my understanding I am not selling or sub-licensing the marketplace item just simply sending him the source code files via dropbox so he can work on implementing the features I want to the existing project. So I shouldn’t be breaching the agreement, as I can’t see any other way you could work remotely. Also since I’m just 1 guy, I’m not really in the position to have contracts or agreements.

Thanks in advance!

Just putting a line in the email staying that they are not allowed to sell, reuse, or redistribute anything you send them should be enough. And a reply from them saying they agree.

If it was something you bought outside of the market place there may be different licensing agreements to deal with.

Okay thanks!