[Question] Scale in Static Mesh Editor

Is there any way to change the size of a static mesh permanently?

I’m trying to use a mesh, but it’s way too small. ( it’s also a very commonly used mesh in the game )
Is there any way I can just permanently change the size of the static mesh using the editor? Because that would be extremely helpful.


Id like to bump this too if there is a way to rotate and translate this and maybe skeletal meshes from inside the editor without using blueprints.

Though to answer your question you can use a blueprint of an Actor and slot the static mesh into it then you can translate/rotate/scale the static mesh inside the blueprint (like directly in the scene) just when you go to place it use the blueprint instead of directly using the static mesh.

Hi Ryan,

No, there is currently no way to modify the asset scale from within the Static Mesh Editor. We do already have a feature request in for this to be considered.

With that in mind, it is always best to create your art assets in their 3D application to match the scale you require in the editor. This can be easily tested and adjusted by re-importing.

Additionally, as Aidan said, you can use a Blueprint with a scaled instance of the asset.


This would be a really useful feature to have. I’ve been trying to import some meshes that were originally created for Unity, but the axes are all wrong because Unity has Y as up. Creating a blueprint isn’t always a solution because you can’t use that in the landscape foliage system for example. When all you have is an fbx, re-exporting becomes a real pain too. So, a massive +1 from me for a proper transform option in the static mesh editor.