[Question/Request] Support More Cross platform IDE's (Clion,QT Creator, etc)

Hey I have a Question / Request -

Would it be possible to support more IDE’s Such as Clion from JetBrains and QTCreator?

If so what would the possbilliy be for supporting more IDE’s or Would this add too much work for the epic team?

I know this seems like a lame request but I am currently planning on moving my entire workflow over to a Linux Distro (Ubuntu or Debian) when Epic Games Gets an stable Build of Unreal Engine 4 over on Linux.

Thank you for your time,


You can use any editor, just set up commands for UBT

We also support CMake, which you can use to generate projects for the above IDEs.

Should CMake work on Windows as well?

Since Oculus put their OSX and Linux support on hold, I’m now back to Windows and I’d really like to use CLion. When I run the GenerateProjectFiles script with -cmakefile I get a CMakeLists.txt with empty SOURCE_FILES, HEADER_FILES and CONFIG_FILES sections:

cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
project (UE4)

set(UE4_ROOT_PATH C:/Program Files/Epic Games/4.9)
set(BUILD bash ${UE4_ROOT_PATH}/Engine/Build/BatchFiles/Build.bat)






Multiple IDE on one platform

Hi there

Actually I am working on that feature. Here more information about it:

The last post gives more information about multiple IDE on one platform.

This is great. I didn’t new about your project. I may have to check out CodeLite. Does CodeLite have its own project format or are you generating cmake files?
Have you tried CLion yet? JetBrains IDEs usually have superior refactoring and completion to everything else I’ve tried. My only fear is that it may not be able to handle the huge code base. I don’t know for sure, because I wasn’t able to get it to work yet.

Well its using its own format so no cmake or something. You can read more in the link I wrote. Yes I tried clion, you just use the cmake and it works but its not fully integrated and extending clion is not possible.
To me CodeLite works quite well and code completion is fast and handles UE4 without problems.

How is it not fully integrated? I wouldn’t mind not having hot links from UE to the source. I’d just like to be able to code using CLion. I didn’t try on Linux (can’t use that for my current project). But cmakefile generation doesn’t seem to work properly neither on Windows nor OS X.

You just open the cmake file in clion. That is at leaast what I did. Not fully integrated means, there is no source code accessor, neither will ue4 open clion after project generation and other stuff