[Question/request] Subsurface profile + metal

So… to keep it short.
I kiiinda need the combination of subsurface profile and metal.
Is there any particular reason why this isnt available but Subsurface + Metal is?

The SS Profile method probably doesn’t take Metal into account in the code, it might not be possible depending on the algorithm it uses.

Hey Luos -

Metallic Settings with Subsurface break PBR and should not be possible. So when you say “Subsurface + metal is” can you clarify what you mean? In particular though, as TheJamsh points out, the Subsurface Profile uses a Reflectance calculation which make using metallic costly (nothing is impossible).

Well Eric, I noticed that in the material editor you can combine “regular” subsurface with metal, but not subsurface profiles with metal.
I havent tried it yet, can do so in a little bit.

Edit: Hmm… O_o I am 100% sure I saw metal being enabled on subsurface shading model…
but now it isnt.

wonder what version I was using when I noticed that :confused:

Hmm… For the game I am working on I do kind of need the combination of subsurface (or subsurface profile) and metal for the right result.
Wonder if I can fake it by modifying roughness & specular in worst case scenario.