[Question] Replace overlapping colliders with a new one

Hello UE4 Community!

I am currently working on a game where a spherical trigger volume is spawned at the point of impact of a projectile. Each trigger volume is an actor and modifies some behaviour when a Character steps over it. This is a multiplayer game and eventually thousands of colliders get spawned during the course of the game.

I am trying to optimize and bring down the number of trigger actors spawned in the game. For now, in order to prevent colliders from getting spawned at the same location I am using a threshold distance to verify if there is another collider already present in the area. If so, I skip spawning the new collider. But this doesn’t fix the whole issue.

I wanted to check with you guys on how to handle this scenario and bring down the number of actors in the level. Is there any way all these collision spheres can be combined into a single collision mesh?

Do you guys know if using an Instanced Static Mesh component here is a good idea?

I assume you are spawning something like a poison cloud? So, you need to spawn these actors for all players, these actors also seem to have a lifetime. Instanced Static Mesh actors might be a good solution if you also have a Mesh, but you were talking about optimizing collision. The two things I can think of, is spawning CollisionComponents from a single TriggerVolumeActor or give your other collision some different scale if the new impact point is close.