[question] rendering

Is Unreal Engine capable of doing offline rendering (not sure if that’s the right term)

What I mean is like with programs like Maya or Daz, you can pose your character and render the scene. I also need to control the frame size/pixels needed to be rendered

That’s not the right term–UE4 is WYSIWYG–What you see is what you get, from the viewport you can use the High Res Screenshot tool to save large renders, but there’s no “Render” button because it’s already doing it.

Does Unreal a method of saving what’s in the viewport?

Read what I posted

okay, I re-read it, it can save

but can I change the frame size/pixel width? Say 1800 x 2700

The Console command HighResShot 1800x2700 should work.

I have to do more then just 1 size, though. Like in Daz, I can easily change the the render size to 600 x 900 or 1800 x 2700, or larger (don’t plan to go higher than 4200 x 6300

I plan to use Unreal Engine (if I can change render sizes) for a comic. Not every frame is the same size