[QUESTION] Remapping Guns

So yeah, I’ve tried adding in an extended bullet crafting system to make it a bit more realistic and cheaper.

And I’ve constantly had this issue of the existing guns not being able to accept the ammo (change of crafting elements).
Even tho it is the same item.

Originally I duplicated the ammo, modified, remapped.
Didn’t work.
Another member tells me if I create a child of that ammo, then any gun that has the parent as its ammo template, it will use the child.
Doesn’t work.
I’ve had two copies of the ammo, Duplicate Renamed, Remapped… And Child same name.
With both in the MasterItemList (I know I shouldn’t use this, but sorry, its the only way to have my mod work 100% without issue), I can spawn both items WITHOUT issue.
Which was never been the problem… But I thought perhaps they were technically different ammo… But no, when both spawned and added to the Inventory, they stack.
Knowing it isn’t an issue with the ammo… I look at what else the problem could be.
I know the 'Weap’s use Ammo Templates… ok, fair enough, I will look at that even tho I have the principle ammo type remapped and CHILDED.
Ok, yes its set to the ORIGINAL ammo template/item.
To test a theory, I duplicate this ‘weap’ file and modify its Ammo Template to match my newly remapped childed ammo type.
Didn’t work.
wtf is what I am thinking… But I also remember that PrimalItemWeapon also list a ‘weap’ as a template file…
I look at that and yes, the gun points to the ORIGINAL ‘weap’ template.
Bare in mind this whole time, all these items have been remapped childed items already.
Moving forward, I create another childed item of this PrimalItem BP and point its ‘weap’ template to my remapped childed ‘weap’ template.

It worked… Sees the ammo stacks and can use them.

So remapping DOES NOT work for already existing weapons/ammo.
Does remapping not recursively check items for this kind of stuff?
If not? Why not?

I have no desire to go through all your guns and duplicate them, modify them, remap them, then relist them.
On a side note… wtf do you have a different weapon file for silencer, scope, flash light, laser et c?
Why can’t you have a single weapon with attachment points that these models ‘attach’ to?

Did you test and verify that it work for all ammo types in all modes. example
Ammo1 works with rifle, rifle+scope, rifle+silencer, rifle+flashlight and rifle+scope & silencer, rifle+scope & flashlight
Ammo2 works with rifle, rifle+scope, rifle+silencer, rifle+flashlight and rifle+scope & silencer, rifle+scope & flashlight
so on.

THIS… & what the hell where the devs thinking :stuck_out_tongue:

Have more than one attachment points on one single rifle to include all attachments.
if the weapon needs some sort of 2nd firemode. example. from instant dammage to projectil. fine. make a 2nd version if needed.
but the way its done i now i feel like its a bit overkill.

No I didn’t because what I found is that I would need to duplicate all those files and weapon templates for them to accept the new ammo.
Which I am not willing to do.
Redundancy upon redundancy… Bloody nightmare.

I am also having this issue with my ammonition. I childed all of the ammos / arrows and added them to remap item. That ammonition and arrows are not useable with the weapons i craft newly ingame or with any weapon …
Does anyone know why this does not work? If i use cheat giveitemnum i am getting the new ammo, if i craft the ammo i get normal ammo.
Do i now realy have to child every **** weapon / attachments and engrams for it to work??

Hi ordens,

Unfortunately, yes. The way this was explained to me over in the IRC, you would have to make separate entries for every combination of gun + ammo, which includes each of the gun + attachment options available with that gun. To make the same gun use a second type of ammo, you would have to make a new full set of entries for the new ammo type.

Ok, thank you much for your fast response BlueFreakQ!
Well, so i realy don’t understand what remap is there for if it does not remap EVERY single entry of that item in the game -.-

Honestly, I hope I am wrong and this is no longer necessary, but even if not, there should be a way to do it in the new total conversion mod type coming on the 13th

We keep making assumptions about how much or how little the remap functionality does. If you want to know for sure how deep it’s actually remapping references, you should always try to double check by using the reference viewer. Generally speaking though, as of right now, the remap function does NOT remap everything in most cases. It all depends on how far the Dev’s have set it up to actually dive into all the references and remap them (they have to basically manually set up each pointer to the right place from my understanding, which can be a bit tricky).

A good practice as of this moment to get into, is grabbing all the main blueprints for something you want to child/duplicate and remapping everything manually. Not ideal, but you learn alot in the process! This in my experience has been the only sure fire way to ensure no broken references.

“Remap_NPC += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPC;
Remap_SupplyCrates += InMergeCanidate->Remap_SupplyCrates;
Remap_ResourceComponents += InMergeCanidate->Remap_ResourceComponents;
Remap_NPCSpawnEntries += InMergeCanidate->Remap_NPCSpawnEntries;
Remap_Engrams += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Engrams;
Remap_Items += InMergeCanidate->Remap_Items;
AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalEngramBlueprintClasses;
AdditionalStructuresToPlace += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructuresToPlace;
AdditionalStructureEngrams += InMergeCanidate->AdditionalStructureEngrams;”

From the Dev’s themselves. Most of the “remap” options are to only replace an item in game. It does not necessarily “do the work for you”, but it does reduce alot of work in some cases (remap supply crates so you don’t have to go and place each on individually on the sub-level map). I know it can get a little annoying at times, but doing this properly is what ensures you have a functioning mod, and not something that works “some-of-the-time”.

And as sin has said, you do learn alot in the process of doing your own remaps.

I have been studying Game Design for the last year on and off until very recently, and until using the Ark Dev Kit, I never really felt truly comfortable with UE4. I can now safely say that after hours of remapping references for my mod, and after hours of troubleshooting; I now feel quite confident in doing quite a vast amount of things in UE4 let alone the Dev Kit.

Was it worth it? Yes. Hell yes. I learned so much in the process that I’ve been able to move back the ETA for a playable prototype with my game by ~1/2 a year or so.

More often than not it’s the challenges placed in front of us that makes us better people/workers/students/etc.

Also as Azrael mentioned, with the Total Compatability Mod functionality remapping should be much easier (I believe), so there is always that to wait for as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, maybe not easier… but definitely FASTER. There is always the option in just completely replacing the core blueprint though.

yes and no,

if all the mod use this total conversion( not compatability :wink: ) to just modify the weapons or an item they will never be used by people who would take bigger total conversion that really changed many thing or core thing (like how dino level up maybe :stuck_out_tongue: ) in the game since they are not stackable ;), the total conversion really need to be use only for TOTAL conversion, not for the partial one or else it will be a dead end for many mods :slight_smile:

from what i understand the total conversion is just that you can modify directly the original file without using the remap system to change an item or a core function.
we just need to wait that the dev advance more in the remap system, i’m sure we only have an early version of what it will be when finish, until then the best way is to do like now, remaping all the references so your mod will still be stackable :wink:

well just my thinking on that :smiley: