Question related to SURFACE SNAPPING

Hey guys,

First of all, I’m a total beginner with UE4.
As you can see in the screen I’ve posted, I’ve got an issue with surface snapping.
When I’m enabling this option, my objects are not snapping correctly with the surface because the pivot point is at the center of the object so the objects will be snapped from this pivot point.
What can I do to fix that ? I want my cube to be on the “surface” or “Grid” line.
I know how to manually move the pivot point but I guess there must be something easier and more “automatic”.

Thanks a lot

The image is a **** stamp. Snapping works best with something like rectangular boxes or so. It just means that instead of moving your object 1 pixel for each mouse movement it will move 10 pixel (In a nut shell). It’s not a wonder tool, it only helps for easy geometric design using primitives. Either lower the snap value or do it without snap.