Question related to Plugins containing C++

Hello there :slight_smile:

I have a simple question: if I add C++ code to my Blueprint Plugin, do the user needs to have Visual Studio installed on his computer when using it, if so does he have to compile his project, either in Visual Studio or directly in the Editor?

Thanks in advance for any answer and sorry if it’s not the place to ask such a question.

Good luck and have fun in your projects everyone :slight_smile:

If it’s cooked and up to date, he doesn’t need VS. The engine will ask to rebuild if it’s not up to date (built for 4.1 for example) and at that point, he’ll need the source and VS to recook, otherwise it’s fine.

P.S. : I might be wrong in 4.14, but last I checked, it wasn’t possible to have a BP plugin without a .dll from the .target file. So if I’m right, you’re already doing the stuff you’re worrying about:)

Thank you :slight_smile: