Question related to animations

Hiii everyone,
Ok, I ran across a site that as free assets. Im sure people here know it. “Mixamo”
My question is, If you just get an animation from the site. Then a mesh.

Can any mesh be used with the animation? The reason I am asking, is. I did get 1 character off there and an animation.
However, when I checked the animation in Unreal. The mesh looked like it had stretched and rubber band arms and legs?

So I went back, and downloaded the animation again, this time with the skin for the character. And it worked fine.

I do not know enough about this stuff. yet. So I would like to know if any animation could be used with a mesh by making some changes to something ?

I never used Mixamo, i just start learning to animate using 3DS Max, is really hard because i’m not an animator, anyway let’s see if this can help you:

you can use the same animation if the skeleton is exactly the same, If you are trying to apply a Mixamo animation to a different skeleton (like the mannequin) it will not work as expected, because you need to fix the pose of the mesh, set the bone name appropriately and also retarget the animation,

You always need to set a skeleton for the animation, so try to download for example one mesh with animation, and another mesh without any animation, and inside unreal engine (when you are importing the second mesh do not create a new skeleton but select the existing one) in this way the animation should work also on the second mesh without any issue (two different mesh that share the same skeleton and animations, this concept is working if all the characters have the same skeleton structure.

the mixamo animations are simply set up to use the mixamo rig that all their models use… you can target any animation from mixamo to any mixamo character and set up animation blueprints that way… you can also use mixamo animations with non-mixamo characters but you’ll have to set up a new T pose for that model and retarget the mixamo bones to the ones of the other model

Working with mocap sucks. The easiest way to do it would be to animate in Maya and export the animation as an fbx. If you animate on a rig that is compatible with mecanim, then any character that is compatible with mecanim will work with the same animation.

Animation is for the legacy animation system, animator is for mecanim. You can run both on the same object, but you’d have to be careful and make sure they sync up

I was also looking for this. I m new in the animation field. Need to learn more things. Like gbwhatsapp development and more.