Question regarding twinmotion vs. unreal.


I am currently creating 360 VR tours from CAD for my clients. These are based on in Blender/Cycles rendered equirectangular images.
I feel a movement in the ArchViz community towards game engines and software like Lumion. Especially as this allows the clients to move completly free through the software.

As such I’d like to know a few things.

Is twinmotion producing media which allows this free motion through the model or do I need to use unreal for that?
Does the media produced with either one run on mobile phone based VR systems with gyro? My clients pass the tours on to their clients and they tend to not have expensive VR headsets.
Do the clients need high end computers to run the media once its created?
Do the clients need to install a game engine to use the media or can I simply create a “one click” exe for them from within unreal or twinmotion?
Do I have to have a permanent and fast internet connection to develop media from unreal or twinmotion? Mine is frequently sketchy and sometimes I need to even work without one available.
6) Can I import .obj & .3ds or even Rhino .3dm files into unreal as well?

Thanks for your input!

Is there noone with thoughts on this? Did not hear from support or sales either :wink:


  1. You can have free movement when you send a presenter file as export if you want a client to view.
  2. Not sure on that one.
  3. This will depend on what you are trying to get them to open.
  4. This can be done as an exe file.
  5. You can work off no internet.
  6. Yes through datasmith for unreal.