question regarding to use a 3d model from a AAA game

Hello, i’m planing on make a demo level with unreal engine 4, i don’t want to use the default manequin that comes with ue4, i’m planing in download any model from rig & animate it with mixamo and then use it in my demo level.

it will be a simple demostration of the main player walking, running & fighting in the level, all the action will be in cinematic mode because is a demo, i just want to make it to record the video and put in in my youtube channel to increase my portfolio.

i know in are a lot of 3d models riped from many games, can i use any model in my demo ? i’m not trying to make any profit from my demo, only show a demo scene ?

a) can i use without any problem ?
b) can i get into trouble for use it ?
c) is better to use a model that is not in a AAA game?

thanks in advance for all the help.

A couple things–

-No, you can’t use ripped assets from a game without permission, even if they’re posted online, it’s not legal.
-You can’t actually use any copyrighted design without permission, so even if you made the asset yourself it wouldn’t be legal, though you would own the asset you created, you would be limited with what you could do with it because you wouldn’t own the design.
That being said, most of the time it’s not a problem to make something from an existing IP, most of the time it’s ignored as long as you aren’t actually trying to make a game with it that you want to sell.
I would still recommend against using ripped assets of any kind, especially for a portfolio piece.

thanks for the info darthviper107, i will create a model using adobe fuse, it is available for free because it is in preview stage, i will go with it!

thank you again darthviper107