Question regarding multiplayer in editor

Hey guys,

I was just playing around with multiplayer and networking to get a grasp of how all that works and I tried to “imitate” a “real world scenario” in editor.
I have two players and one dedicated server. There are two levels, one serves as my main menu and one is the world where the gameplay happens. Now what I tried was to make the server start immediately with the gameplay level whereas the clients start with the main menu. To achieve this I set the appropriate maps in my project settings under “Maps & Modes” for the game and for dedicated servers but it seems that this only applies to shipped builds, as when I start playing in the editor the clients as well as the server always start with the currently opened map in the editor. A workaround for this is to start with the gameplay level and then just go back to main menu via console on the clients or to start with the main menu and let the server immediately after BeginPlay travel to the gameplay map but I think that both are kinda “dirty” and I’d like to know if there is a better way to achieve this.
Maybe somebody has an idea for this?


Too funny, I am having the same problem and I think I just came up with a solution (although I haven’t tried it yet). In your blueprint for your MainMenu
level create a Has Authority -> True -> Load Level “Gameplay”, then set everything to start at the main menu.

Also, in your gameplay level, you could in turn create something that says on game start -> has authority -> false -> load level main menu.

Yeah, that’s what I meant with