Question regarding how an actors location and rotation is set internally.

I had a simple question regarding how an actors Location and Rotation is set.

Is it set at the end of the tick or the moment when SetActorLocation() is called?

I the reason I am asking is, I have a function that sets the relative location of the cameraboom like this


But there is a chance that this function might be called 2-3 times per tick.

I don’t want my camera to move 2-3 times within the tick so I want to know if its set at the end of the tick.

SetRelativeLocation will set the location immediately. Calling SetRelativeLocation will call SetRelativeLocationAndRotation with new location and current rotation. Then, the SetRelativeLocationAndRotation function will check if the new location(and rotation) differs from the previous one and if so, it will change it. If your DeltaLocation stays the same in one tick then the location will be updated only once per tick.

Thanks for the information. I didn’t knew the location is also checked internally once. I always used to check if its moving to the same location before the movement. Guess I can skip that.