Question regarding custom theme for Sphinx

I’ve created a custom theme for [Sphinx][1](Python Tool for Generating Documentation websites) which is inspired by the design of the [Official Unreal Engine Documentation Website][2].

My question is, Can I publicly release my theme (Open Source on GitHub under MIT License, the theme it’s 100% free I don’t charge nothing for using it) ?

Why I’m asking this question) I’m simply concerned about Copyright or Brand Image issue for Unreal Engine or Epic Games.

Why this theme) The main reason I’ve created this is for writing Documentation for my future and current plugins for Unreal Engine, and by using this theme I wanted to make the user feel more comfortable while reading it.
(since the plugins targets users that are somewhat familiar with the Official Documentation).

And since Unreal now uses Python as its Editor scripting language Sphinx can be utilized to quickly and easily generate documentation for the code.

Why I posted here) I’m writing here because I was unsuccessful at finding an official contact email regarding this kind of issues or questions, I hope that maybe someone can lead me to some way to contact the Epic Staff or I hope they directly reply here.

Anyway Here’s a screenshot of the theme on my local machine:

PS: the theme doesn’t use a single asset from the original website of the Unreal Engine Documentation, it’s created from scratch based on the design of it (Color scheme, positions of elements and functionality).

We don’t have any concerns with you releasing the theme itself, but please note that use and distribution of the Unreal Engine logo, or other Epic trademarks, is a separate matter. To use the logo in connection with your plugins, for example, you will need to submit the Trademark license available at Unreal Engine Branding Guidelines and Trademark Usage - Unreal Engine.

Thank you for the reply, and yes I’m aware that the use of the Logo implies the submission of the Trademark License Agreement Form.

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Yes, you can publicly release your theme on GitHub under the MIT License. The MIT License is a permissive open-source license that allows anyone to use, modify, and distribute your code, as long as they include the original copyright notice and disclaimer.

Releasing your theme as open source can be a great way to contribute to the development community and showcase your skills. It also allows others to use and build upon your work, potentially leading to new collaborations and opportunities.

Just make sure that your theme is fully compliant with the license terms, and that you have all the necessary rights and permissions to release it under the MIT License. You may also want to include a clear documentation and usage guide to help others understand how to use and modify your theme. Get in touch with us as we are top app developers in new york.