Question regarding copyright in UEFN.

I would like some clarity regarding UEFN copyright tendencies. If I were to take a Fortnite original model from an importing application, and import it into my map and use it for whatever I see fit; would I have actions taken against me? (Yes I am using Fortnite Porting and Fmodel.)

Do you mean that you want to take a Fortnite model and use it in another project / game outside of UEFN? If you publish a title with models that you do not own or have the right to publish, there could be legal reciprocations.

Thank you for the response, I would like to clarify that I meant; using applications such as Fortnite Porting, or Fmodel, then using those models in UEFN. Just asking since technically I am getting the model from the game, but from outside the UEFN app.

Oh I see!

In that case I am unsure about what the rules are. There is a technical blurry line with changing and porting assets to then bring them back. Perhaps you are allowed, or maybe someone gets mad? :wink:

Hopefully someone else in the know could answer.

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