Question Regarding Computer Components for UE 4

Does anyone a suggestion or a list/guide (table of components) for making a computer for UE 4?

My plan is to create one that far exceeds the minimum requirements for Unreal Engine 4. My price point (for starting parts) is around $1200 ~ $1500. thank you.

I’m looking to create a computer for UE 4, Zbrush, Max, Maya, Photoshop, and other programs.
My goal is to have a computer that I can constantly upgrade down the line to keep up to date with hardware for my software/engine for a long while.

I made a quick build that you can view here, you can see price and the retailer where it’s cheapest right now. Total price is $1214 after rebates (The MIRs are only $35 total), no tax. This is basically a full build, so if you already have some of the components you can spend more on the ones that you don’t. I also targeted the low end of your price range, I like to do more with less.

  • CPU: Intel i7 4770K ($330) - Latest hyper threaded quad core, base 3.5ghz, can be OC’d. If you want to drop the price down you can get an i5 4670K, it’s basically the same chip minus hyper threading.
  • GPU: MSI GTX 770 2GB ($320) - The 770 is a very powerful card, it greatly exceeds the requirements for the engine and will give you a great experience. You’ll have to spend another $180 to get a faster card. It may be worth it to get a 4GB GTX 770 if you can find a cheap one.
  • Mobo: ASUS Z87-A ($130) - Solid motherboard, it isn’t an extremely expensive high end one, but it has everything that you need. You can spend another $30 and get a slightly better built one, but I personally wouldn’t have any qualms with using this one.
  • RAM: 16GB 1866mhz ($130) - The set I selected is currently on sale, it was the cheapest 16GB kit I could find.
  • Storage: A 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD for the OS and any programs you want on it, plus a 1TB WD Caviar Blue mechanical drive to store everything else. Bump the HDD up to 2TB if you feel that you need it.
  • Case: Corsair 300R ($60) - ATX tower, has enough room to fit a large GPU. If you want to go with liquid cooling, you’ll probably want a case designed to house a large radiator.
  • PSU: Corsair CX 750W ($60) - A 750 watt unit made by Corsair, who are known for building a good quality PSU. Seasonic is #1 IMO, but they don’t make 'em cheap. 750 watts is a lot, more than you need for this rig, so there’s room to upgrade in the future.
  • CPU Cooler: CM Hyper 212 Evo - A good and cheap cooler, you’ll be able to put a decent OC onto the CPU with this.

for Zbrush, Max, Maya i recommend for you uses a blender 3d blender.org for learn blender i recommend

for digital paint y recommend for you mypaint

if you want learn code development i recomment for you

Are these recommendations because they are free alternatives?

zbrush is way better then alternatives, but there is sculpting tools in blender.
krita and gimp is good too.