Question regarding Combo/Streak counter and movement of it

I’m trying to create a streak/combo counter, as seen in the attachment, and I have a method of doing this in my head.

It’s currently a TextRender, that’s World Size is being changed from a timeline. I wish to make it go higher in 5s ( meaning it would bump up when ever it got greater than 5, then bump up again when greater than 10 ).And also, I want to make the counter die down, at any point in the counter ( no matter if it is on 5 or 14 or 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

My current method I have in my head will most likely work, it’s a bunch of timelines and branches depending on where we are with the counter.

I’m looking for any ideas or guides to look for, for a more elegant solution that isn’t so over-engineered. My current method would require a lot of maintenance, so I’m looking for a cleaner implementation.