Question regarding collision, driving me nuts

I am new to UE4, just switched from Unity sorry that this question is a noob question…

So it all started because I want to change the shape of the default capsule component of theThirdPersonCharacter from the built-in template. After doing a little research, I found out that people did encounter this issue, and ultimately the answer I got was that it is not possible or too complicated to change the capsule component, so I should just change the collision of this capsule to no collision and move on to use new components.

In order to do that, these are the changes I made. I’ve added a capsule component, changed its collision setting to “Pawn” (the same as the default of the default capsule). However, it seems like only the default capsule works with collision. As you can see only the smaller collider was colliding with the floor mesh (I’ve tried changing its collision setting to pawn and block-all as well, both did not work).

I also made sure that these colliders were not colliding when the game started, as some suggest it might cause problems as well.

Anyways, I spent a lot of time trying to solve this issue and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble so here I am :frowning:

I can link more images to show my collision settings

If you set the capsule to no collision then you’ll just be waiting all the resources and information that the movement component provides you with.
so either don’t do that, or create an actor to move yourself with your own implementation of the moment components.

Long story short, the movement component uses the capsue directly and all you can adjust on it is the size and what the collision reacts to.

if you want your character to collide with world objects during animations, create other capsule components within the character BP and socket them to the bone they are for.
set the collision to what you think best, and then you obviously have to script your overlap or on hit events for it.