Question regarding building from source.

So I started messing around with building from source rather the pre-built versions ( got a crucial fix in 4.4 which I REALLY need, without it UMG is unusable for me ). So things are going pretty great except when packaing it takes SO LONG, even if I don’t change that many files in my game( the engine I don’t even touch ). But anyways, my question is:

When something goes wrong, visual studio shows me the engine code where the exception one. This is nice and all, but I’d much rather see where in MY code I made the mistake. If I build from the pre-built versions it shows me exactly that. Is there a way to do this with source version? I’m very new to debugging, maybe there’s some tools to ‘jump back’ and see what caused the issue?

Thank you in advance!

I’m not an expert so maybe someone else will jump in and correct me, but I think you want to look into using the Visual Studio debugger and setting breakpoints.

For issue #1, check your packaging settings in UE4. You’ll need to expand out the options. Untick ‘Full Rebuild’ :slight_smile:

I presume you could just ‘step out’ of the given function, and eventually navigate to where your code called the particular engine code that ended up failing. I’d check your call-stack to see if this is possible - if your own functions are listed below the offending UE4 functions, I imagine you could step your way out to them.