Question regarding building a PC for UE4

Yes i know that this type of topic has been made before.

So im trying to rebuild my pc AGAIN this year. What I did few months ago was a msi x99s gaming 9 ack , with a i7 5930k and 32gb ddr4 with gtx 980 ti. SOLD this pc for personal reason and now im back again at rebuilding a new pc.

This time i was some feedback back instead of just going in and buying top new stuff.

What I will use it for :

-Gaming a lot , for old to all brand new games that comes out so yes graphics power is a must.

  • UE4 ( must be able to handle UE4 100% with out any issues/delays/drawbacks )
  • On random times maybe once in a blue moon do some virtual machines for testing other OS experiments.

** Please advice me what parts i should get from you’r personal experience. If you dont mind also giving me the names of the parts or links is appreciated.