Question regarding AI peception, BT and BB.

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the AI perception (sight) and sharing the same BT and BB. I have AI citizens and they all have the same behavior tree and blackboard, and based on the AI perception if one of the citizens saw certain actor a blackboard variable will be assigned to true then certain behavior will be running in the behavior tree, and when the citizen goes away of that certain actor the value will be assigned to false again. My question is if one of the citizens saw the actor and then the blackboard variable was assigned to true, does this affect the other citizens as they are using the same behavior tree and blackboard ? For example, when the citizens see the actor they should run away from the actor, so are they all going to run if only one of the citizens saw the actor?

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Hi @rawan1994,

My understanding is that each AI is using its own instance of the BT, so no, the blackboard value will only be true for the AI that saw the special actor. There is a way that you can “propagate” a value to all BTs if needed, but this is turned off by default.

Hope this helps!

Dear CoquiGames thank you very much.
I have another question regarding the AI perception is there a difference between having the AI perception in the AI controller or in the actor blueprint?

Im still a newbie myself, so Im not sure if there is a difference. I would probably try to put it in the CharacterBP and see :slight_smile:

Search for “instance synced”. That is the checkbox that controls whether a blackboard entry is unique to that AI, or shared with all that use the same blackboard.

Ok thank you for your responses.