Question regarding actor usage for a task?

Yes it is made with an actor blueprint. You should use it, I don’t know if you need to know anything else?

just in case I’ll explain:
You should create a new actor, put a mesh component inside, put your needed code in the construction or event sheet. In case you want to coordinate them you will have to be more creative, like linking it to the gamemode or having them send signals to each other or maybe even use static variables.

Remember to do this into the blueprint and then drag it onto the scene so you know it’s being saved inside of it.

Ok so i think actors are the way to do it if not please tell me otherwise.All i want to do is be able to make an object/mesh thing w/e really that does a specific task.For example having a button that when u press it a cube spawn in front of it or idk many stuff like that.Ik how to do smth like that with 1 button but what if i were to have such “buttons” in many areas of the scenes i wouldnt want to have to blueprint code each and everyone of them so i would like to be able to have all the things happen in the “actor?” so i can just put them arround and be done with it each time.For example i was thinking of puting a matinee or a triger box in it but that doesnt work i gues so whats the way to do such thing? Hope that makes sense

Hello,thanks for replying.Excuse my lack of knowledge im a new unreal engine user.Because im still kinda confused let me say what excacly i want to do.I want to have an actor that when you step on it a matinee plays for the current object,with matinee i mean a moving upward animation for the Specific stepped object Then i want to put tons of these in a room so whenever the player steps on one the object/actor/box goes upwards.How would i be able to do that through an actor because as far as i know you cant put a matinee in an actor? Im kinda confused with that part im probably getting something wrong here

Oh i see,will try doing it without a matinee.As for the second option wouldnt that make the scene full of matinee coppies? I dont have a problem with that i just dont want to get like 100 of them in the matinee tab

Apreciated your help,thanks a lot!

You just trigger an animation, as far as I know you don’t need to make a matinee for that to happen. Other thing you can do is have the actor have the matinee as a child or variable and trigger it in the blueprint.

Well I guess you can crossreference everytime you put an actor. Just work your way around it. Anyways I think the animation approach is way better, and you can also try to do it with code, changing the location of the object and using a timeline to control the way it behaves… It might be a little difficult for a new user though.

I meant blueprint coding, sorry.

Im trying to avoid actuall coding for now.
Thanks a lot man! :slight_smile:

when you create an actor blueprint, you can put reusable functionality in its event graph. you could make an actor with a box component, and in the event graph, you can use an OnBeginOverlap node that connects to a spawnActorFromClass node.

or if you wanted a button and a separate ActorSpawner, you could use an interface function. you would make an interface function called OnInteract, and set the ActorSpawner to implement that function. then you can put an actor reference inside the button actor, and onBeginOverlap, it can call OnInteract on its actor reference. you can expose the actor reference by clicking the eye symbol next to its name, which makes it editable in its properties in the level editor.

then, you just place a button in the level, place a ActorSpawner in the level, then you can set the reference of the button to point to the ActorSpawner. then when the player walks into the button, it will activate the spawner its referencing.

Thanks for the tips,the video looks really usefull too will take a look! Appreciated :slight_smile: