Question regarding 3D modelling


How would you guys do the 3D modelling for architecture? Would you use Unreal to build your, say, mansion? Or would you use a 3D modelling software like blender or 3D max?

If you follow an idea or tutorial, could you please link it up?

You must use a external application to modeling. There is a lot out there, but 3dmax and Sketchup are very popular for architecture (Or Revit in case of BIM). Nowadays, the challenge is find a way to easily export your architectural project to unreal, so one of the goals of Datasmith it’s just that.

Since you specified Architecture I’d go with 3dmax. Or Blender since it’s free. Revit is great for architecture but if the purpose is only for bringing into Unreal then I wouldn’t use Revit.

This has been perplexing me for some time. The problem with using Unreal for modeling is that Epic hasn’t told us what (if any) plans they have. The Mesh creation was never on the roadmap and still isn’t present now - it just appeared in UE4.25. Plenty of people are speculating that it is only for level block-outs but they are probably just guessing.

If money isn’t an issue then using Revit/Rhino will prevent problems further down the line because you can produce drawings with them. They are both mature software.

AFAIK using Max/Maya to model will mean you can’t produce drawings with them natively. I am not sure if they can export to the IFC format…?

Blender is a possibility but it is very early days. BlenderBIM is able to export (and import for using models from CAD programs) to the IFC format with a free add-on. This means that you could model in Blender and export into FreeCAD/AutoCAD/Revit etc for producing drawings. Apparently the author of DPT (a Blender add-on) is working on the ability to produce drawings directly within Blender. Time will tell if it will work well. The DCCs tend to work with ‘hollow’ meshes that can make sections etc look wrong whereas CAD programs tend to use solid models which are more appropriate for drawing production.

If doing 3D modeling in external software, then do reading about transferring models to Unreal with correct data, and reading as much as possible about it in the Unreal doc. There’s a table in the Datasmith doc section that provides a reference for how to export / import from specific external applications. It seems a number of basic issues could be resolved / prevented by exporting and importing 3D models correctly, to say little of materials and textures too.

I don’t think Epic will ever implement a wholesome 3D modeling editor into UE. It’s just way too much work. Look how complex other 3D modeling software is…