[Question] Projects & maps since beta 5

Since I updated to beta 5 all of my projects, even the samples have the wrong map file associated to them. For instance the following SS is of the project Blueprint_Examples but notice the map or level that is shown. I also left the CT in the SS to show that the assets are of blueprint_examples project.

Please note this has happened to all my projects not just the one shown in this example. How do I fix this issue? Is the solution as simple as loading the correct map associated with a project and saving the project? Or did I do something wrong when I was prompted to update my project to the newest build?

Anvil Drop

You can set editor startup map in Project Settings > Maps. It is set to Template_Default by default.

Ah, thank you for this info, Mehmet. One thing I would like to clarify in this process though. When selecting the map file associated with the project you have to select the project itself. I went into this exercise thinking I was selecting the map file but in fact I just associated the project as seen in this SS.

You are not picking the project there actually. That dropdown is just separating the maps in your project and in the engine. So you’ll have to do this for every project if you want to set the startup map for each one of them.

Helpful as usual Mehmet. Thanks for the clarification.