[Question] Procedural buildings also should be created with BPs?

Is it?
How I can handle it’s static lightning?

It is doable. You should check out the questions and discussions in this post: https://rocket.unrealengine.com/questions/2304/bp-generated-environments-how-doable-is-it-for-ful.html

There is some problems with instanced mesh components right now, but normal staticmesh components currently work well for procedural content.

There is also a known issue where recompiling a BP always breaks precomputed lighting even if it could transfer - we will be fixing that soon.

If anyone wants to share screenshots of procedural content, I wouldn’t complain :slight_smile: Hmm maybe I’ll start a thread on the forums!

Ok. Thank you for replies!

as Houdini user, I often press TAB button, to open context menu in Graph editor.
It’s just a reflex :slight_smile: