Question: Problems with creating Nav-Mesh on a Blender object in UE4 for VR

Good day everyone.

I am a landscape architecture student and have recently begun to work with VR and Unreal Engine. For my current project I am rebuilding an old brick factory in the landscape, but I am running into some issues with Unreal. I have managed to get by really well due to the tutorials (thank you everyone who makes those). But I am currently struggling with the Nav-Mesh.

The area is about 12 hectare in real life and we made a model in Blender already to form the landscape correctly, as well as the roads etc. However when I load it into Unreal (the FBX export plugin helped, as this was a bit of a confusing ride), the Nav-Mesh doesn’t seem to work with the landscape. I tried taking the default blender cube, scale it up a small bit and exporting that. The Nav-Mesh does work with that cube. With the landscape however it hovers far above it and creates a second preview above the first one (see the images).

I have put in some images to help give a better view of the picture, if you need some more to get a better idea let me know what you want a picture of! Hopefully any of you know a good fix to help with this problem, I am not even sure where it lies and my googling has proved fruitless.

Thank you already for taking a look! (Nav-Mesh 1) (Nav-Mesh 2) (Collision Box) (Collision Landscape)

Make sure that the landscape mesh doesn’t have a collision. Unreal by default creates a simple collision volume around an imported mesh. You can remove that simple collision and then set the collision complexity in the mesh editor in unreal to “use complex collision as simple”.

Thank you for the information. It did the trick!