QUESTION: PostSeamlessTravel - Do I really need to "rebuild/override" the PC?


While implementing the PostSeamlessTravel( ) on my game I noticed that the “default” method to do this is by recreating a PC and overriding everything.
But on my overriding method I’m just getting the PlayerController on Index 0 (GameplayStatistics), giving him a new Pawn and HUD and shooting the game to still play, will this cause issues?

Thank you!

You probably want to first call the ‘super’ method and then add your custom logic afterwards:

void AYourGameMode::PostSeamlessTravel()
    // .. your code here

Hi Ian, I would love do this, but I can’t (a two days battle to discover this and finally write an own method).

The Super method has lots of wires with UT GameMode sequence, starting match, putting players on spec cams, Innactive states and such things, this does generate a lag (few frames, but noticeable) that first place the PC and his camera on the previous level location to just after put the player on the “travelledto” level player start. Something that is probably done on HandleSeamlessTravelPlayer( ) that is called inside the Super method.

So I’m planning on keep my method that doesn’t overrides the PC… IF this don’t cause troubles further. :smiley: