* * * [QUESTION + POLL] - UE4 Fast BSP Editing? * * *

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Will UE4 have a ‘Fast Edit Mode’ for BSP? I just want to CLICK with left/right mouse buttons to quickly add/remove BSP blocks, like I can in some other engines(like Cube 2…or Minecraft:rolleyes:), without having to do the ADD/SUBTRACT BSP hotkeys every time(and constantly change brush parameters)… Additionally, BSP should automatically optimize itself, like when working with clay(or Sculptris) instead of hundreds of LEGO pieces.

You can’t add lots of layout detail, or do lots of edits, quickly at all with the previous/“traditional” Unreal BSP tools, and that is something to be improved upon in my book. I’m sick of the old BSP tools; how about you…? :confused:

Example A
Example B
Example C