[QUESTION] Placing text and progress bar inside a border in a widget BP

I have created a widget BP and named it GamingHUD, I put some text and a progress bar in it for Stamina. i want to wrap a border around them.

I created a border and tried to drag both the text and progress bar inside the border but UE just crashes and asks me to restart. What other way could I go about achieving this?

A border can only have 1 child. But I’ve never had a crash trying to add a second, usually it just doesn’t let you do it.

Adding an overlay as the child to the border then your other items to the Overlay should work. That’s how I’ve done it in the past.

Canvas > Border > Overlay > Text & Progress bar

Appreciate it, yea when I highlight the text and progress bar and try to drag both of them into the border UE crashes, so I tried it one at a time and it still crashed. using the newest UE4.10.

Since you knew the answer to that, perhaps do you know anything about custom images as progress bars? I got one it’s just not working properly.

Sorry, never tired to change a progress bar to a custom image.

Another potential solution to your original problem could be to add a vertical box, the add a border and text box to the first row and then a border and progress bar to the second row.