[QUESTION] Personal question.

Greetings for all forum members and Epic Games Studio from Poland :).

I’m a B.Sc. student of the 3rd year in Warsaw School of Computer Science (It’s locate near by Epic Games Poland, for the other side of John Paul II street exactly). I decided to do my BSc Thesis from animation 3D by using Unreal Engine 4. My plan is to do some 3D characters in Cinema 4D and export it to “EffectsCave” level from Marketplace as a 3D enviroment for my characters. So I’ve got a question: should I use “EffectsCave” in my future BSc Thesis? With Epic Games Studio permission of course? :).

Hi BroVaR,
All UE4 assets, game samples, demos and tutorials provided by Epic Games, Inc. are granted for use both commercially and otherwise for game projects, portfolio pieces and anything in-between.

You can find out more about the terms of use here Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine & here EULA - Unreal Engine

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Thank you Benjamin for your answer. Now I know everything :). So that lets make something unreal :).